The consultancy provides a range of editorial resources
for businesses and institutions that need the knowledge and expertise of a native English speaker for their in-house
and external communications and publications. Although many international business professionals speak good English, producing documents to an acceptably high
standard can be a difficult task for non-native speakers.

Whether it is a simple one-page article, a research thesis or a complex business proposal, it is important that the message is conveyed fluently, accurately and with impact. Our mission is to help businesses of all sizes communicate clearly in English to their target audience by providing copy editing, proof reading and writing services professionally, economically, promptly and securely.

These editorial services are based on years of professional experience in magazine and newspaper journalism in the UK and Switzerland, particularly in financial, business and academic publications, combined with an expert knowledge of our increasingly global communication culture.
From German and French into English.

A thorough edit of a completed draft, with attention to detail and style.

Rewriting / heavy editing
Restructuring and rewriting of content to improve clarity, logic and grammar.

Proof reading
A last meticulous check for grammatical, punctuation, factual and formatting errors.